Our professional staff is committed to innovative contemporary design solutions. We do our best work collaborating with clients who have high standards and who are well-informed about the value of design.


ShubinDonaldson is actively recruiting the best talent in various architectural disciplines including design, project management, and client relations.

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Although we are three diverse communities with offices in Culver City, Santa Barbara and Orange County, we operate as one firm. Our culture is defined by our shared commitment to design that is created collaboratively in an accessible forum for creative dialogue.

As a “design first” firm, ShubinDonaldson’s culture is rooted in a shared commitment to:

Creative Exploration
Design Excellence
Rigorous Work Ethic
Professional Development
Clear Communication

Our professional responsibility begins with dedication to upholding the standard for integrity We believe that maximum productivity is achieved through team work and clear communication. Our leadership team and executive group manages the firm collaboratively. Weekly team design reviews known as TDRs are held in both our LA and Santa Barbara studios.

Career Development

Through a process of goal-setting and performance evaluation, all members of our team identify his or her individual ambitions so that the firm can support the achievement of those goals. SD is committed to investing in developing the talent of our organization as well as supporting individual personal growth.

Every Thursday afternoon our staff come together in the LA office for a weekly design forum on a topic of their choice called “Occupy”, and is available by LIVE streaming in Santa Barbara and Orange County offices.

Internships at SD

While SD does not have a formal internship program, SD typically invites several candidates a year to join us for paid, open-ended internships. Interns have the opportunity to attend weekly team design reviews aka “TDR’s”, construction site visits, and Lunch ‘n Learns. In the LA office every Thursday everyone is invited to gather for a design-themed social event which we live stream to the Santa Barbara and Orange County offices.


SD is led by partners Russell Shubin, Robin Donaldson and Mark Hershman.

With offices in Culver City, Santa Barbara, and Orange County, California, projects are organized as a team effort, led and coordinated by an assigned project manager and project architect.


Design Approach

ShubinDonaldson provides innovative environments for strategic, design savvy clients.

Projects are organized as a team effort, led and coordinated by an assigned project manager and project architect.