1169 Hillcrest Residence Featured on the Robb Report


Our 1169 Hillcrest Residence Featured on the Robb Report: Read Online.

From the Article:

“A 1.5-inch-deep reflecting pool outside the home’s entryway leads to an acrylic pool in the foyer, which seamlessly connects to a lap pool and then to a vanishing-edge pool surrounding the property. “You can’t really tell where the water stops and starts because there isn’t really any stop and start at all.”


“The lower level is really special because of all the amenities that we were able to fit and still have light completely coming in it through the center of the house.” Equipped with a nightclub, a full bar and lounge (with the pool as its ceiling), a 20-seat theater room, a two-lane bowling alley, a professional catering kitchen, a hair and nail salon, a wellness center, an eight-car garage, and other extravagant entertaining amenities, the downstairs level truly functions as a socializing hot spot…”


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