Urban Youth Activity Center published in Kids Spaces: A Pictorial Review

Our Urban Youth Activity Center project was published in Kids Spaces: A Pictorial Review: Purchase Online.

About Kids Spaces: A Pictorial Review:

“Kids Spaces explores the concepts, challenges and latest trends in both architecture and design for children. Each design is safe, practical and fun, yet provides mental and physical stimulation for junior minds and bodies. From recreational parks in Japan, and daycare centers in Manhattan, to simple residential furniture and play equipment, this book examines the work of more than thirty world-leading architects and designers. Each has created outstanding environments or facilities that place children’s’ needs first. Chapters include residential, cultural, retail, medical, special accommodation, and education facilities, plus activity centers and furniture. This book features an international array of well-known architects and designers.”

Ground Zero Published in The Other Office: Creative Workplace Design

Our Ground Zero office was Published in The Other Office: Creative Workplace Design: Purchase Online.

About The Other Office: Creative Workplace Design:

“International trends in creative office design from all over the world: The projects that make up “The Other Office” identify those offices that keep abreast of the rapid pace of change and, more importantly, set the pace.”

ShubinDonaldson published in Another 100 of the World’s Best Houses

Our Malibu Beach House and Montecito Residence were published in Another 100 of the World’s Best Houses: Purchase Online.

About Another 100 of the World’s Best Houses:

“Following the success of IMAGES’ first 100 of the World’s Best Houses book, we searched the globe for another collection of amazing houses. The result of this search is Another 100 of the World’s Best Houses . Each house in this new volume has been selected for its unique and extraordinary qualities. The overwhelming theme is the way in which architects use their remarkable skills to relate these masterpieces to their various contexts and landscapes. Locations are as diverse as the houses themselves and include the coast of Peru, inner-city London, rugged Australian coastal sites, urban Sao Paulo, spectacular New Zealand alpine retreats and coastal hideaways, American prairies, frosty Oslo, the gorgeous West Indies, tropical Southeast Asia, suburban Lithuania, Costa Rica, and many other fascinating sites.”

ShubinDonaldson published in 1000 Architects (1000 Architects v. 1)

ShubinDonaldson was published in 1000 Architects (1000 Architects v. 1): Purchase Online.

About 1000 Architects (1000 Architects v. 1):

“A comprehensive directory of the world’s leading architects, this double-volume boxed set has established its place as a must-have resource. “1000 Architects” is one of Images most ambitious and successful projects to date. A comprehensive directory of the world’s leading architects, this double-volume boxed set has established its place as a must-have resource. Each individual architect or firm is represented with a stylish full-page entry, comprising complete contact details, a brief profile, and images of projects. ‘1000 Architects’ contains entries from architects in Europe, North, South and Central America, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, delivering extensive international coverage. SELLING POINTS: – Comprehensive international directory of excellence in architecture – Will be updated every two years to ensure it is maintained as a reliable resource – Includes full contact details for every architect and firm listed – Convenient, compact, user-friendly format – An invaluable resource for architects, designers, developers, educators, students and people with a general interest in architecture”

Ogilvy & Mather published in 21st Century Office

Our Ogilvy & Mather office was published in 21st Century Office: Purchase Online.

About 21st Century Office:

“This groundbreaking, comprehensive survey of workplace architecture of the new century captures emerging themes and ideas in office design from around the world. Rapid organizational, economic, and technological change has led to the creation of new workplace models that challenge designers to rework traditional theories. The 21st Century Office features forty-five case studies of offices planned or opened after January 2000 that showcase revolutionary designs in response to contemporary design challenges.

The book begins by differentiating between today’s workplace and the mechanistic, process-driven workplace model of twentieth-century modernism. This is followed by chapters focusing on four main thematic directions in contemporary office design-narrative, nodal, neighborly, and nomadic.”

Iwin.com Office Published in Sporting Spaces, Vol. 2

Our Iwin.com Office was published in Sporting Spaces, Vol. 2: Purchase Online.

About Sporting Spaces, Vol. 2:

“There is no doubt that the sporting spaces of today, both recreational and professional, are increasingly more refined and sophisticated. Whether to meet public demand for enhanced leisure facilities or as sporting arenas for top-level international competitors, these sites require the very latest technology. This pictorial review looks at some of the world’s best architects’ responses to these demands by showcasing contemporary sports facilities from around the globe. Projects featured in this volume also reflect an ever-expanding range of sporting activities including football and athletic stadiums, water sports, court sports, racing tracks and velodromes, and a variety of auxiliary sports. As part of the International Spaces Series, this publication displays quality full-color images of outstanding contemporary architecture, and includes biographical information on featured firms.”

ShubinDonaldson Takes home two Honors, one Merit, and one Citation during the 2000 AIA SB Design Awards

During the  2000 AIA Santa Barbara’s Annual Design Awards, ShubinDonaldson’s Ground Zero Office and Montecito Residence were awarded the Honor Award.
Two more designs by ShubinDonaldson garnered attention, with iwin.com’s Office winning a Merit Award and the Fuel Office taking home a Citation Award.

You can view the announcement for the project along with other winners of the AIA SB Design Awards here:

AIA Santa Barbara’s Design Awards Announcement