La Peer wins at the Los Angeles Business Council Architectural Awards


During the 2016 Los Angeles Business Council Architectural Awards, ShubinDonaldson’s La Peer was awarded the Renovated Buildings Award.

You can view information regarding the LABC’s Architectural Awards here:

More about the project:

Situated in West Hollywood, the existing building constructed partly in the 40’s and partly in the 50’s on an infill urban lot, was a hodgepodge mix of old Hollywood warehouse and a tacked on, non-descript 2 story office appendage. From the start, HQ Development, who has been revitalizing old forgotten buildings and transforming them into something that is very unique and meaningful, along with the architectural firm of ShubinDonaldson, who welcomes this challenge, recognized the full potential of the property.

See the full project here: La Peer | Shubin Donaldson


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