Our work is conceived with attention to value, authentic material expression, and exquisitely executed details, on time and on budget.

Mark Hershman elevated to partner

Completed Projects

• Skyline Residence, Santa Barbara
• 925 La Brea, Los Angeles
• Motor Avenue, Los Angeles
• TrueCar Clocktower
• TrueCar Ocean
• Westcliff, Newport Beach

New Territory: SD experiences explosive Growth in Los Angeles and Culver City Office space on Willat. SD leadership expands and become “One Firm” and launches studio structure. Christine Reins and Fredrik Nilsson elevated to Studio Director

Completed Projects

• 1640 Sepulveda
• 720 N. Cahuenga
• Smuggler
• Sonos
• The Ranch
• TrueCar SF

Significant residential commissions in LA awarded third and fourth quarter

Completed Projects

• 2101 El Segundo
• C.I.M. Headquarters
• Freemantle
• La Peer, West Hollywood
• Marina View
• Murad HQ
• Murad Retail
• South Coast Collection Shell Improvements (HD Buttercup)

First SD “patrons” of architecture as art

Completed Projects

• 11175 Santa Monica Blvd.
• 2121 Park Place
• 9950 Jefferson
• Conill
• Freemark Financial
• G/Fore
• Calabasas

The WorkPlace practice shifts into a new gear; Mark Hershman is elevated to Principal in LA; Sieglinde Pukke is elevated to Principal n SB

*more than 2000 coworking spaces are found worldwide.Over the course of the year, Twitter users sent 93,000 tweets with the hashtag “coworking” (Source: Topsy). That is a huge increase of 52% compared to the previous year.

Completed Projects

• Intermedia
• IV Housing
• Revello Residence
• Sierra Pacific Constructors
• Via Lido

Completed Projects

• Riot Games

Opening of Newport Beach Studio and new workplace projects in Santa Barbara (, Sonos, etc.). Release of Live+Work book.

Completed Projects

• Innocean Worldwide

Completed Projects

• Angelo Residence
• Toro Canyon

New workplace values and attitudes reflected WorkSpace design. Recession coincides with emergence of the CoWorking movement.

The coworking movement, one could argue, is based on this kind of shift in the nature of work, which has resulted in a change in attitudes. This shift means that as traditional work has eroded, more people turn to entrepreneurship and freelancing. These people number in the millions but are without any traditional workplace to work from or belong to. This has some surprising effects, Richard Sennett observes: One of the unintended consequences of modern capitalism is that it has strengthened the value of place, aroused a longing for community.

*For the first time, the term "coworking" was seen as a trend on Google's database. Since then, the search queries increased by a factor of 20 when searching the word "coworking" prevailed over other search terms.

The concept of coworking became a part of mainstream media in the United States. However, until about 2009/2010, the term was restricted only to the United States.

Completed Projects

• Alisal Residence, Santa Barbara
• Hydraulx Special-Effects House, Santa Monica
• Saatchi & Saatchi

Completed Projects

• David and Goliath Advertising Agency, El Segundo
• Wong Doody Advertising Agency, Culver City
• Dulzura Residence, Montecito
• Emerging Interactive Media Lab, Los Angeles
• Territory Ahead Retail Store, Boulder CO
• Territory Ahead Retail Store, Bellevue, WA

Completed Projects

• Brand New School Advertising Agency, Santa Monica
• Greentree Residence, Pacific Palisades
• Team One Advertising Agency, Los Angeles

Completed Projects

• ESP Salon and Spa, Santa Monica
• Carpinteria Guest House, Carpinteria

Completed Projects

• Hope Ranch, Santa Barbara

Completed Projects

• Anita Residence, Brentwood
• Area 51 Office, Santa Monica
• Buffalo Brothers Office, Santa Barbara
• DIC Entertainment Production, Burbank
• Layton Residence Addition, Brentwood
• Malibu Beach House, Malibu
• MKS Office, Culver City
• Riviera Residence, Santa Barbara
• Santa Barbara Artist Studio, Santa Barbara
• The Firm Office, Los Angeles

Completed Projects

• Agile Systems Office, Santa Barbara
• Epstein Residence, Malibu
• Painless Productions Office, Culver City
• Paul Tuttle Exhibition Design, Santa Barbara

“Not Your Father’s Office” cover of LA Times Sunday magazine

Completed Projects

• Blind Studios Office, Santa Monica
• Fotouhi Alonso Advertising Agency, Culver City
• Fuel/Razorfish Los Angeles Office, Venice
• I-Cube/Razorfish Los Angeles Office, Venice
• Iwin, Los Angeles
• Legal Research Network Office, Los Angeles
• Mindfield Post Production, Marina del Rey
• Montecito Residence, Montecito
• Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Agency, Culver City

Mark Hershman joins firm

Completed Projects

• Ground Zero Advertising, Marina del Rey
• Meridian Winery Store, Santa Barbara
• Michael Keaton Residence Renovation
• Newport Boats, Corona

Publication in “40 under 40”

Completed Projects

• Courtney Thorne-Smith Renovation
• Fuel Design + Production Offices, Santa Barbara
• Guest House, Los Angeles
• Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Youth Activity Center-Watts, Los Angeles
• Toyota Service Building, Santa Barbara

Completed Projects

• Crawford Residence Tile Wall, Santa Barbara
• Jewelers Bench, Brea

Completed Projects

• Alden Residence, Malibu
• Urban Residence, Laguna Beach

Completed Projects

• Courteney Cox Residence Addition
• Irmas Residence, Hombly Hills
• Max Studio Boutique, Newport Beach

Completed Projects

• Weisz Residence, Bel Air

Completed Projects

• Beach House, Malibu

Completed Projects:

• C&J Beauty Supply, Westminister
• Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Youth Activity Center-South Central, Los Angeles
• Trout Club Residence, Santa Barbara

Shubin + Donaldson founded by Russell Shubin and Robin Donaldson
Robin Donaldson completed the Crawford House with Morphosis