Tramonto is a contemporary single-family home that integrates the natural beauty of the adjacent state park and ocean views. The placement of the home overlooks the canyon, the surrounding Santa Monica Mountains, and the California coastline. The diffusion of the built form defines the approach for this 17,000 sqft single-family residence (14,500 sqft main house and 2,500 sqft accessory building) into the surrounding landscape. The two-acre site embraces the steep topography, contending with the context to inform the building’s siting and orientation. The project is terraced into the natural contours of the hillside, breaking up the overall building mass while using its sub-grade structure to reinforce the hillside. The book provides a look into the 17,000 sqft home and its indoor-outdoor lifestyle. Emphasis on significant custom elements highlights the detail-oriented approach that can be found throughout the entirety of the home. From the initial conceptualization of the exterior form to the construction process and key moments, this book presents the visual story of the home’s integration into the Southern California landscape. Tramonto embodies a truly contemporary Southern California attitude, the essential principles of indoor/outdoor living afforded by embracing the temperate region and the natural beauty of the coastal landscape.

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Live + Work is a visually immersive monograph of the work of Shubin and Donaldson Architects, whose creative commercial spaces and high-end residential projects draw on the complex vernaculars of Southern California’s cultures and traditions. Organized around the organic process of practice, the complex genealogy of projects, and the flow of influence, this monograph examines the contemporary conditions by which we live and work, and how those terms are increasingly blended. Visuals of the select projects are supplemented with drawings, sketches, diagrams, interviews, and essays by Thom Mayne and Joseph Giovannini.

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