1302 La Brea

Los Angeles, CA

1302 La Brea is a two-story retail building south of mid-Wilshire with 80,000 square feet of retail with three levels of parking. In response to the lot size and dimensions, 1302 La Brea hosts a long horizontal proportion and follows the curvature of the boulevard. The building is situated in a retail desert and adjacent to heavy vehicle traffic. Responding to this environment, the building’s functions brings a needed retail space including a grocery store wrapped with a fa├žade was designed to be experienced from a vehicle and public transit.

Los Angeles, CA

Completed 2019

Inspired by the curvature of the street, the rounded corner of San Vicente Boulevard, and the abundant bi-directional traffic, the use of lenticular aluminum fins are utilized. This approach emphasizes a vertical component that complements the horizontality of the building and speaks to the views from traffic. Over 220 25′ tall custom-fabricated lenticular ACM fins march along the second-story volume of the building and extending around the corner of San Vicente, pausing to afford signage for the retail tenants within.
Dynamically controlled lights project vertically up the facade creating visages of a continuous movement and emphasizing the lenticular form. The lighting can be programmed to modulate the exterior facade and bringing a dynamic identity to the building at night.

Russell Shubin, AIA, LEED AP
Mark Hershman

Ilya Kozin, LEED AP

Jay Fukuzawa
Geo Chevez

Benny Chan