720 N. Cahuenga

Hollywood, CA

Preserving the thought-provoking design elements of ‘old Hollywood’ while generating a sense of modernity meets Steam-punk

Hollywood, CA

Completed 2016



Located in the Hollywood Media District, the 33,000 SF building 720 N. Cahuenga is a unique creative office. Nestled between Hollywood and Larchmont, the newly renovated campus of three adjoining warehouses is positioned in one of the hottest areas in Los Angeles.

For this high-end creative campus, the challenge was to strike a balance between exclusivity and accessibility. Originally a prop house for Hollywood sets; the goal was to preserve the thought-provoking design elements of ‘old Hollywood’ while generating a sense of modernity meets Steam-punk. This prompted a series of eclectic material selections and varying volumes of spaces, borrowing elements from private social clubs and collaborative open office environments. Lighting was used to delineate and create smaller areas within the whole. Suspended bell-shaped light fixtures at the entry give a nod to Jules Verne; while a Jean-Louis chandelier over the kitchen restores the spaces’ contemporary feel. Many of the industrial characteristics of the existing building were left exposed, such as the warehouses’ 30-foot bow-trussed ceilings. Raw materials such as wood, steel, concrete and metal, were used to maintain the industrial flavor and promote the authenticity of the area in which the building is located.

The interior’s open screening room and its seating; a large stairwell covered in a soft, green Astroturf along with its many indoor plants, counter-balance the exclusive feel. These open areas extend throughout the floor plan creating a protected, inclusive, environment in which users may congregate. To take advantage of these large volumes, outdoor courtyards offset by two indoor mezzanines, one on each side, were introduced. These spaces offset the building’s vast, open feel and further opportunities for social connection. Working closely with HQ Development to appeal to the new work force of Millennials; traditional workspaces have been replaced by a variety of unique, work areas which include: a library, a bar, a screening room, open and closed offices, double-level conference rooms, multiple kitchens, meeting rooms and lounges, and a yoga studio.


By introducing an eclectic mix of materials and lighting, each space is imbued with distinctive features that cater to a diverse group of users from various industries. Flexible and mobile components also allow users to work in different ways and collaborate with one another. On the exterior, narrow slits in the building’s façade give the semblance of texture while allowing the public to catch a coveted glimpse of what is happening inside.

The building has all the modern conveniences one might expect from the comforts of home, including a Creston system, which allows employees to control the lighting, music and heating and cooling from their iPads, along with a large-scale water feature which welcomes entrants and on-demand valet parking controlled by a touch of the tenant’s smart phones

Project Process

720 N Cahuenga :: Renderings

Russell Shubin, AIA, LEED AP
Robin Donaldson, AIA

Mark Hershman

Ilya Kozin, LEED AP

Geo Chevez

A+S Construction