C.I.M. Headquarters

Los Angeles, CA

What if you could design a single coherent space that was simultaneously strong, established, and formal to outside, and fun, collaborative and loose to the staff?

Los Angeles, CA

Completed 2016



The design challenge for the 3-story Los Angeles headquarters of C.I.M. Group was to balance their need for a sophisticated space to meet clients with their need for a flexible workspace for their internal professional team––all within a 75,000 square-foot interior envelope.

Most of the first floor was designed to perform as a conference center to address their client-facing hospitality requirements. Understated luxury is conveyed through screening elements with clean lines in a muted material palette of warm wood and textured stone. A procession of conference rooms emerges gradually and are marked by marble slabs. On the upper levels, the group’s dynamic, fast-paced work environment calls for a space that is balanced, open, and flexible. An open stair is a social hub between the two upper floors and glass conference rooms, creating a sense of transparency while showcasing their cultural community. Banquettes along the perimeter as well as moveable furniture allow employees greater autonomy to create impromptu breakout spaces and areas for privacy.

Project Information

Partners In Charge:
Robin Donaldson, AIA
Russell Shubin, AIA, LEED AP

Principals In Charge:
Mark Hershman

Benny Chan

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