Confidential Technology Company


A maker-space for the future of computing, this space rethinks the suburban office park to create something extraordinary.


Completed 2020

Commercial Interiors


AIA SB Honor Award | Commercial Interiors
IIDA Calibre Awards | Commercial Interiors




How do you build a space for the next stage of computation to unfold? That is the question the design team asked themselves when designing a maker space for a confidential technology company. Using a tactile combination of art, science, and engineering to create a space where the next era of computing and collaboration will take shape, the team looked at the project from various levels, from the smallest micron to the entire campus.

In the modern vernacular, the words “Maker Space” brings to mind images that are both cutting edge and nostalgic: a modern-day woodshed, a place to get one’s hands dirty while exercising their creative demons, a wall of woodworking hand tools juxtaposed against an adjacent CNC machine, a place to practice everything from welding beads to concrete forming to calligraphy. The maker space for our confidential technology client was carefully designed to allow for deep thinking and novel interaction. It is a place to work, but also a place, like a backyard woodshed, to explore, create and have fun.


Defying the normal bounds of the suburban office building, both natural materials and natural structures have influenced the spaces’ design. Tactile layered graphics are carved into the plywood walls. A textured wall panel inspired by the framework of a bristlecone pinecone greets you adjacent to an indoor climbing wall linking the 1st and 2nd-floor open lobby. The space incorporates the creativity in “craft” and seamlessly compliments it with the most cutting-edge tools and systems that are helping to engineer and assemble the developing pieces of world-changing technology.


Developing technology is a perpetual work in progress. It was vitally important to the client to develop a space that could change as research and need continued to dictate. All MEP infrastructure was coordinated to be plug and play and carefully concealed throughout. The bold graphics and textural elements pull focus to the design and away from the infrastructure and engineering elements of a building stretched to its seams with emerging technologies.

Robin Donaldson, AIA

Sieglinde Pukke, AIA, LEED AP

Nicklaus Schwaller
Walter Grey

Sierra Pacific Constructors