Dubai Villas

Dubai, UAE

SD was commissioned to design a compound of XL modern architectural estates where a combination of simple forms and clarity of layout are delineated by the use of environmentally conscious and resource responsive materials and systems.

Dubai, UAE

Completed 2008

50,000 SF



The VIP Villa is 50,000 SF on a 4-acre site. The extensive seaside site features a formal entry drive court, tennis court and pavilion, heliport, large reflecting pool, beach pavilion, and dock. A separate service court has been provided for service and delivery. The site has been scaled to provide ample space around the home for landscaping.

The clustered stone volumes of the VIP Villa are organized about a grand formal entry courtyard, which features a large water element initiating the axial movement into the home. The experience of the main house begins through an Entry Gallery surrounding an inner landscaped courtyard. Movement flows through to the formal Majlis space, which overlooks a reflecting pool and the ocean beyond. To either side of the entry gallery are public spaces including a receiving room, women’s Majlis, formal Dining Room, Office, Music Room, Library and Powder Rooms.

Components of the design branch from the central axis creating the opportunity for secondary and more private courtyards/internal patio spaces. A larger diversity of views is also maximized, in creating the possibility for outward as well as inward perspectives. Water features located around and within the home, conceptually link the plan layout as well as offer a visual tranquility throughout the home.

Generous expanses of glass are shaded by large overhangs or are shaded by an operable screen. A large solar collection array is planned for the roof areas, as well as a geothermal loop to aid in cooling.

Robin Donaldson, AIA

Greg Griffin

Bradford Kelley