East Channel Residence

Santa Monica, CA

ShubinDonaldson used this sustainably-minded project to prove that a green home can have both beautiful design and rigorous environmental aspirations, without making compromises on either front.

Santa Monica, CA

Completed 2016


They saw this project as a template for designing and participating in a project where you actively engage with the house as you live in it; where the architecture is tuned to the changing environment, weather and sun position by its occupants.

They harnessed both natural and technological forces to respond to the environment and to allow the house to perform properly; a photovoltaic array which generates more electricity than the house can consume to the strategic orientation of the building to capture prevailing winds and maximize day lighting.

A simpler way of life was desired by the clients and the house responds with a simple and direct parti that also instigated new forms of interaction and connectivity within their family; one large room for living, eating, making and talking. No TV!

Project Information

Partners In Charge:
Russell Shubin, AIA, LEED AP
Robin Donaldson, AIA

Principals In Charge:
Mark Hershman

LFA Construction

Ciro Coelho

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