Fremantle Media

Burbank, CA

What if you could support a desire for a complete cultural reboot and, at the same time, create a significantly more light-filled and energy efficient space?

Burbank, CA



Occupying the 7th and 8th floors in a “class A” tower in Burbank, our client, Fremantle Media was accustomed to being organized in a typical office layout with perimeter offices. Reserving natural light and views for executives in private offices, the production staff had been located in an isolated core at the center without exposure to the outdoors and relied heavily on artificial lighting. The goal of the client was to increase energy efficiency while improving the office environment and culture.

The design process included a programming study to be able to reconfigure the space based on requirements for exposure and lighting necessities. Private offices and edit bays were grouped in double-loaded blocks that float in the center of the floor, with circulation paths on either side. Since edit bays require lighting control, they were placed along the inner circulation path, allowing offices and meeting rooms to be outward-facing. The perimeter of each floor was then lined with open work areas and pockets of casual meeting spaces, allowing for optimal natural light infiltration deeper into the office space, which ultimately reduced artificial lighting requirements and increased energy efficiency. Meeting rooms received glass fronts for exposure to maximum light and views of the outside, while private offices received a combination of polycarbonate panels and glass to achieve privacy without losing light exposure, increasing energy efficiency while simultaneously creating a network of collaborative open workspaces.

Russell Shubin, AIA, LEED AP
Mark Hershman

Benny Chan

Sierra Pacific Constructors