Murad Headquarters

El Segundo, CA

What if you could inhabit a space that actually manifests the values you held dear? For Murad, those values are exercise, diet and healthcare, and beauty. These priorities informed a biomimetic design approach that emulates nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies.

Murad is an award-winning skincare brand that offers a uniquely comprehensive approach to beauty and wellness, integrating topical care, internal care, and emotional care into every day life. The design brief for the Murad corporate headquarters underscored the importance of visually reflecting the Murad brand DNA, not only through the materiality, but also the construction process. At the heart of the brand is a 3-faceted Inclusive Health philosophy: “Look Better, Live Better, Feel Better”.

The physical layout of the 41,500 square foot space was informed by a design approach that emulates nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies called “biomimicry”. Metaphors for cellular organization were deployed, starting with the company being understood as the body / “host organism”. The “organs” were represented as various zones and departments, organized according to the most desirable adjacency, the “tissue” was represented as a walking track; the “cell” is represented through workstations that are color-coded according to the brand’s products, with common areas as the “nucleus”. Meeting nodes give the brand’s Inclusive Health philosophy a physical and architectonic quality.

Murad’s commitment to social responsibility was carried through the use of environmentally friendly and sustainable materials and products ranging from FSC certified veneers and recycled metals to zero VOC’s.

Russell Shubin, AIA, LEED AP
Robin Donaldson, AIA

Mark Hershman

Benny Chan

Caliber Construction