Sierra Pacific Construction

Woodland Hills, CA

What if you could go to work every day in a forestlike retreat in the middle of the San Fernando Valley?

Occupying two levels of an existing 24-year old building, our client and frequent collaborator Sierra Pacific Construction prides itself on offering an environment that is sustainable, efficient, healthy, as well as beautiful for both clients and employees. Their vision included targeting for LEED Platinum Certification. The site selection was driven by their desire to be within walking distance to basic services, public transportation, and opportunities for natural daylighting.

The design optimizes the infiltration of natural light into the depths of the workspace through large roll up doors that allow a direct connection to the adjacent wooded landscape. The use of wood veneer panels, sliding doors, and exposed timber ceiling joists add texture and warmth. The upper level expands on the visual connection to the outdoors by way of extensive perimeter glazing, creating the sense of dwelling within a forest. An interplay of layers and transparencies is explored through deploying different types of clear and fritted glazing as well as indirect high efficiency lighting to support the large rectangular roof skylights and solar tubes. An open floor plan, extensive natural lighting, and maximal access to views support enhanced employee satisfaction and performance.

Russell Shubin, AIA, LEED AP
Robin Donaldson, AIA

Mark Hershman

Mark Hershman

Benny Chan

Sierra Pacific Constructors