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Live + Work is a visually immersive monograph of the work of Shubin and Donaldson Architects, whose creative commercial spaces and high-end residential projects draw on the complex vernaculars of Southern California’s cultures and traditions. Organized around the organic process of practice, the complex genealogy of projects, and the flow of influence, this monograph examines the contemporary conditions by which we live and work, and how those terms are increasingly blended. Visuals of the select projects are supplemented with drawings, sketches, diagrams, interviews, and essays by Thom Mayne and Joseph Giovannini.



MASKING is an exhibit of drawings representing a year-long conversation between Robin Donaldson, AIA and Mike Nesbit about the role of drawing within contemporary Art and Architecture. Though architectural drawings are conventionally used for making buildings, the drawings in this exhibit reinterpret three projects within the catalog of ShubinDonaldson’s built work and become the basis for realizing a new set of drawings, referential but not necessarily representative of the building from which they came. In the “hands-on” analog process of working with techniques and printmakers including El Nopal Press (lithography) and Wranch Studio (screen printing), making drawings becomes an exercise in critical judgment at the moment of production, requiring a disciplined and playful sensibility for curation and composition.

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Year Publication Project Featured
2019 Residential Design Magazine Tramonto Residence
2019 Interior Design Magazine Tramonto Residence
2018 Interiors Magazine Wakecrest Residence
2017 Architectural Record - House of the Month July Skyline Residence
2016 The Robb Report - Home & Style The Beverly Hills Residence
2016 The Real Deal Mayumi
2015 Seaside Living: 50 Remarkable Houses The Riviera Residence
2013 Remodelista Biscuit Filmworks
2012 A’ Design Award & Competition; Designer Press; London Pacific Palisades Residence
2012 Detail in Contempary Concrete Architecture; Laurence King Publishing; London Toro Canyon Residence
2010 Contract “Essay: On the Future/Technology Trends” Robin Donaldson, Contributor
2010 Collection: Offices; Braun; Germany Brand New School Hydraulx
2010 Atlas of World Interior Design; Braun; Germany Saatchi + Saatchi
2010 Best Selection of Shanglin; Azur, Hong Kong Linda Flora
2009 Ecological Architecture; Braun; Germany The Riviera Residence
2009 Collection: U.S. Architecture; Braun; Germany Montecito Residence, Riviera Residence
2009 A Pocketful of Beach Houses; Images Publishing Group, Australia Urban Spa
2009 Masterpieces: Office Architecture + Design; Braun; Germany Saatchi + Saatchi, Ogilvy, Hydraulx
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