Riviera Residence Published in The New 100 Houses X 100 Architects


Our Riviera Residence was published in The New 100 Houses X 100 Architects: Purchase Online.

About The New 100 Houses X 100 Architects:

The New 100 Houses x 100 Architects is a celebration of diversity. Satisfying our natural and abiding curiosity about how other people live, and our endless quest to improve our own homes, this superb volume showcases architectural trends, provides insight into vernacular residential architecture, and is a rich source of ideas for every house designer- professional or armchair. Many of the houses featured in this book turn conventional notions of appearance and design upside down in their quest for perfection, while many reflect the emerging trend toward sustainable design while proving that energy efficiency and style are not mutually exclusive concepts. The 100 houses in this book (designed by 100 different architects) range from deceptively simple to over-the-top gorgeous. Your dream home awaits.”


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