Robin Donaldson talks at SBCAST in Santa Barbara with UCSB


On April 25th 2019 Robin Donaldson led a talk titled: “Three Houses:⁣ a story of relationships, tangents, and context in Montecito.”

This talk was part of the Kitchell Architecture & Design Lecture Series, and in partnership with the Art, Design & Architecture Museum at UCSB; taking place at SBCAST in Santa Barbara.

The talk went through various moments in Robin’s history of architecture with the following topics:

1 – A regional perspective on practicing contemporary residential architecture in Santa Barbara and Montecito.

2 – Historical insight into a selection of significant houses in the Santa Barbara area.

3 – Thoughts on how the practice and values of designing and building contemporary houses in the area have changed in the last 50 years.

4 –  Discussion surrounding what the next generation of architects and builders should be thinking about in order to continue this legacy.


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