Saatchi & Saatchi Office published in Atlas of World Interior Design; Braun


Our Saatchi & Saatchi Office was published in Atlas of World Interior Design; Braun: Purchase Online.

About Atlas of World Interior Design; Braun:

“Interior design is becoming an ever more comprehensive field of activity. Today interior designers are often involved in the design of new buildings as well as the planning for conversion or new use construction. This compendium is both a reference work and source of inspiration with 500 unique examples of contemporary interior design, featuring the work of world-renowned designers as well as emerging talents. There are a multitude of materials and colors, forms, surfaces and furniture which together with the deployment of light can create a targeted effect.

The selection of cutting-edge projects showcased in this book from private houses to shops, spas, restaurants and offices, among others, provide a global vision. The Atlas of World Interior Design gives a detailed overview of world interior design today, between international trends, regional traditions and individual styles.”


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