ShubinDonaldson featured on Contract Design


Surrounding our client Noam Murro from Biscuit Filmworks, the article goes in-depth on the influences on Noam and the design.

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“Shubin + Donaldson is a firm of holistic architects who care as much about the details as the broad strokes of the many houses and offices they’ve built in southern California. That made them an ideal choice for Noam Murro, a visionary client, who wanted a new home for his company, Biscuit Filmworks, and a congenial base for his activities as a director of commercials. He bought a warehouse on what was formerly Route 66, a gritty boulevard close to the hub of old Hollywood, and told his architects: “I want a place with personality, not another generic conversion, a space that welcomes you without trying to impress.” Read the full article.


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