ShubinDonaldson published in Best Selection of Shanglin


Our Linda Flora Residence was published in Best Selection of Shanglin, a collection of architectural projects curated by Hu Yanli: Purchase Online.

About Best Selection of Shanglin:

“An exciting journey into a marvelous architectural world, with striking full color images throughout The process of architecture creation is just like waiting for the blossom of a beautiful flower, with joy and expectation. Based on global choice by Shanglin, this book is a great collection of the latest design works in architecture. Strictly following the standards and views of architects themselves, the selected architects are very active on the contemporary architectural stage. Their works always capture emerging themes and ideas in architectural design, bringing changes, breakthroughs and evolution to the architectural field. This volume is the special edition of the Architecture Highlights series. This book features projects from around the world including Spain, USA, the Netherlands, Japan, Belgium, Norway and the UK. “


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