ShubinDonaldson Published in Office Spaces Volume 2


Our Ground Zero and LRN office projects were published in Office Spaces Volume 2: Purchase Online.

About Office Spaces Volume 2:

“The contemporary workplace must constantly evolve to accommodate rapid technological advances and the shifting requirements of office workers. This new addition to the International Spaces Series follows Office Spaces, Volume 1 , and displays another diverse collection of office spaces, tailored to operate efficiently in today’s world. Interiors, as well as exteriors, illustrate the infinite ways in which our workplaces are customized to accommodate new requirements for technology, leisure time, collaboration and entertainment. This will be a valuable resource for interior designers, architects, designers of office equipment and systems, and all those wishing to improve their working lives. The book contains a wealth of ideas for the reception and waiting areas, lobbies, boardrooms, workstations, staff restaurants/cafeterias, kitchens, breakout/leisure spaces, recreational spaces, conference rooms, training rooms, and even restrooms.”


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