ShubinDonaldson Published in Renovating for Working


Our office projects, Wong Doody and Brand New School Hydraulx Office were published in Renovating for Working from Loft Publishing: Purchase Online.

About Renovating for Working:

“Office design has experienced dramatic changes in recent years. Technological advances have led to new ways of working and, naturally, the design of work spaces has been adapted to today’s trends. This volume presents a wide variety of projects with one characteristic in common: they are all spaces transformed into work places. The projects are accompanied by floor plans and references to the previous constructions. As well as buildings transformed into offices, there are also small spaces used by self-employed workers. These projects revise ideas related to the efficient use of space: new needs, the change in the use of rooms, the creation and use of communal areas, etc. The originality and inventiveness of the projects demonstrates that established rules do not need to be followed when finding solutions to the most common problems.”


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